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Kate Gladstone Provides Handwriting Repair lessons by video-conferencing on Facebook Messenger, Zoom, or FaceTime! For further information contact her on Facebook.

A book for teachers by Kate Gladstone —  click on image below to purchase for $7.00:


Below is a YouTube  video of Kate Gladstone being interviewed  on TV show “Meet the Author”  

Some comments  about the interview  

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New Now
Kate Gladstone is teaching a quick course “Handwriting for Real People” at Hudson Valley Community College (Community Education Department) on Thursday, June 22, 2023 (3:00 to 5:00 PM). CLICK HERE to learn more and sign up!

Kate Gladstone is also profiled in the NEW YORK TIMES article “What Killed Penmnship?” (March 24, 2023)

“Move Aside Doctors: You’re Not the only Messy Writers in Town”

Kate Gladstone interviewed on about her book, her life, and her career in general during these three successive episodes of an educational issues/autism/disability issues/resources  podcast by clinical psychologist/speech therapist Dr. Anila Khan: a special educator in Pakistan who reaches out internationally. 

       The podcast (”SPECTRUM TALKS AND TIPS INTERNATIONAL”) focuses mainly on autism spectrum conditions, and also on  other conditions  and needs that interact with this.


Part 1 : youtu.be/J-8F6g5Ndw8

Part 2 : youtu.be/36Mk7dxF0AA

Part 3 : youtu.be/8Xhj5YN_2tg

In addition to doing the podcast, she’s also publicizing it on social media, and, including links to Kate’s books and other, works: See the screenshots below:

An article by Kate Gladstone, “The Writes and Wrongs of Handwriting” appears on page 13, of the February 2023, issue of Hudson Connection, a publication of Best Version Media. 

This article focuses on these handwriting topics: 
handwriting habits which form the most rapid and legible handwriting,

the spreading problem  of children, teens, and adults who cannot read cursive. Kate is the author of READ CURSIVE FAST, the cursive reading comprehension resource which shows anyone who can read print how  to read cursive too, quickly and accurately.

The 2023 World Handwriting Contest is now open from January 1, 2023 through June 30, 2023.

The 2022 World Handwriting Contest has now been closed and had been judged.

OUR 2022 WINNERS — Click here ...

The publisher of Getty-Dubay Italic has added a new feature to its web site, "Letter of the Day" that provides videos of how to write letters using the new Getty-Dubay App that is available on the iPad and Android tablets.

Katherine Wang (of London, UK and Henan, China) is the mother of two left-handed sons.  She praises Kate Gladstone's Lefties Links for Southpaw Scribes as one of the few places the 10% who are 'left out" can get good handwriting advice, and can learn how  to form letters well left-handed. She also appreciated that Kate Gladstone taught herself to write left-handed and other wise  shows the ability to step into neurodiverse shoes.

Presenter on handwriting and disabilities (including autism spectrum conditions) at the New York City Department of Education ASD-NEST continuing education program for occupational therapists, sponsored by NYU: January 24, 2019

Guest Lecturer at NYU/Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development; presented on handwriting and disabilities to 2nd-year graduate Occupational Therapy students: November 29, 2018

TriOn Pen Grips

 bodyWhat is a Trion             This is a TriOn  

Kate Gladstone has developed the multi-color surgical silicone invertible TriOn pen grips.


On sale now at National Autism Resources . See all Kate Gladstone's products on National Autism Resources

Buy TriOns at National Autism Resources.

Try on a TriOn

Kate GlKate Gladstone is quoted in the article Should kids learn cursive in the didgital age? in Junior Scholastic April 24, 2017 p.23

Buy Kate Gladstone's new e-book "Handwriting CAN Make Sense" has been released and can be purchased for $7.00 by clicking the button below:

On purchase you will immediately taken to the product download screen.

 Kate Gladstone has posted on YouTube the raw footage  of her interview with WIBC radio on why the proposed Indiana Cursive mandate bill is not Write Part one of interview
                                                                                        Part two of interview 

Kate Gladstone's article Handwriting Matters; Cursive Doesn't is on the New York Times blog Room for Debate of April 30, 2013

In Praise of Kate Gladstone's Webinar

I recently attended a webinar given by Kate Gladstone on Handwriting Repair and was so impressed that she thought to train us about how a young 5 year old thinks and feels when learning to write. How true that when a teacher tells the child to move the pencil “up” the page, that that does not necessarily translate correctly if the page is flat on a desk. We don’t all think alike, and may have different problems learning, depending on our point of view. It is refreshing to hear from a person who was in that position of having to overcome handwriting issues firsthand – and can now teach it in an organized and simple manner. Thank you Kate!

-          Kathy Johnson, M Ed, www.pyramidofpotential.com

Buy either of Kate Gladstone's 2 PowerPoint presentations for $5.00 USD

Basic Handwriting Repair PowerPoint

On purchase you will immediately taken to the product download screen.

"Doctors' Extra-Strength Prescription" Handwriting Repair PowerPoint, 
customized for medical workplace use 

On purchase you will immediately taken to the product download screen.


For a science fiction romance with a handwriting theme, click here ...



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KateGladstone @GoToMeeting @@KateGladstone I am still trying to find a context for the question you sent months earlier. 18 days ago · reply · retweet · favorite


If "handwriting can't matter in the Cyber Age" ...

... why does the SAT exam now include a timed, handwritten essay?

... why do most employers still require applicants to complete one or more forms by hand?

... why do hundreds of blog entries and Twitter posts daily describe the blogger's or poster's poor handwriting or complain about the poor handwriting of others?
Computers will never completely replace other writing tools
-- not unless someone can invent a computer the size of a pencil or pen, costing the same as a pencil or pen, and needing no electric power supply.

(After Hurricane Katrina, millions of teachers and students who had supposed that "handwriting can't matter" learned otherwise when they had to spend a school year without computers.)

Computers and cell-phones haven't eliminated handwriting
-- they have merely tempted people to stop teaching and learning the subject. This is changing, though -- thanks, ironically, to computer software.

As millions of schoolchildren head back to the classrooms, Handwriting Repair/Handwriting That Works is orchestrating the release of a startling new iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch application that will forever change the way the world thinks about teaching, learning, and using handwriting.

Click here to buy SONGS OF PENDOM, a book of handwriting-related lyrics by me, singable to popular tunes.
songs of pendom cover

Want to improve your handwriting?
My Youtube Video

CLICK HERE to buy HandwritingRepair [tm] handwriting improvement sessions.

CLICK HERE for the World Handwriting Contest.

CLICK HERE for my resumé/CV.

Or if you just came here to buy a handwriting book, a CD-ROM, or a video, CLICK HERE for the ones I recommend ...

Fix It
Learn about this flexible handwriting curriculum for adults, created by my colleague Nan Barchowsky! Click this text or the above picture to send Nan an e-mail asking for more information. You will have space to add your own contact-information before you click SEND on that e-mail.


Handwriting Repair

makes every letter better.


samples written by Kelly D. of Escalon, California

Notes Kelly:

"Ever since I repaired my handwriting under your guidance, I've been getting rave reviews about the appearance of my writing, but the biggest benefit for me has been regaining the ability to write without pain. The beauty of the writing is a wonderful bonus!"

samples written by Carmen P. of Avellino, Italy.

Carmen comments:

"Dear Kate,

I attach a sample of my new handwriting. It improved so much in such a little time!
I still have a lot to do but with these results I have solved half of my problems.
It's such a pleasure to have a good handwriting, you want to do
nothing but writing. Before this I hated to write, I used pc even for my shopping list.
Thanks a lot for your advice, it really worked. ...
Regarding the lessons, later on I will take at least another one ... During these days I thought a lot about the importance of the handwriting. A bad handwriting can restrict you in many ways. How many letters I didn't send and what a shame when friends or teachers can't read what you wrote!
Before coming across your website I was sure that handwriting is like the color of your eyes, something you just can't change. How foolish I was!
Thanks a lot for your work.


Ann S.
Before After
Ann S.
                        Before Handwriting Ann S.
                        After handwritting

"Here are couple representative samples of our son’s handwriting from his school journal towards the end of second grade. The spacing was bad, the writing was all off of the lines and it was very close to illegible. This first one is from March:"





This second sample is from June, and we had been working on his handwriting at home and there is a small amount of improvement in legibility, but not all that much, and this is still far behind the other samples we saw from his classmates when we went to visit the classroom.


"After starting with Kate at the end of second grade, he made a lot of progress, not only in legibility, but in spacing, capitalization, and speed. This sample from August is on the lines, I can read it and at the same time he was writing at a much faster pace."


Here’s a sample from the fall, after working with Kate once every week or two over the summer. It’s legible, it’s on the lines, the spacing is reasonable, and he is much less self-conscious about his handwriting.

"He doesn’t have even close to the best handwriting in his class (and he probably never will), but he has caught up to the point that it is no longer holding him back in school and he is able to complete writing assignments that can be read by the teacher in a reasonable amount of time.

Kate has done a great job working with him on his handwriting, and I would highly recommend her for assisting the handwriting-challenged of any age."

To buy Handwriting Repair[tm] handwriting improvement sessions:

individual sessions via PayPal ($75 for first session, $50 for subsequent sessions)

PayPal me (handwritingrepair@gmail.com) the fee for that session, then send me an e-mail with a sample of your handwriting and any information you would like me to have about yourself and about what has influenced your handwriting so far. Within a week, I will e-mail your Handwriting Repair[tm] lesson, customized to meet your scribal needs.

3. other arrangements for individual sessions --

if options 1 and 2 do not meet your needs, please contact me via e-mail to set up a different price schedule, an in-person session[s], or other custom arrangements.

It worked for these doctors ...

it can work for you!

CLICK HERE to see how one man repaired his handwriting, step by step ...

 "So ... what can Handwriting Repair do for me?"


Handwriting Repair makes your handwriting into GRAND writing: user-friendly, readable at speed, and totally awesome!

Handwriting Repair achieves this with a no-frills writing model that reaches back to the very first handwriting textbooks of Western Europe, which used a style some call "Italic" from its origin in Renaissance Italy.

Handwriting Repair, founded by a member of the Society for Italic Handwriting (the SIH), reaches worldwide with a customized, caring, fun, and user-friendly program for improving handwriting.


I developed Handwriting Repair because ...

I grew up with several neurological disorders that made it difficult for me to write quickly or legibly by hand. I worked hard on handwriting at school, but for me it remained painful, slow, and illegible: "user-hostile."To find a way out. I dug through all available research on the history and ergonomics of our handwriting: how it has developed, and where things have gone wrong. You can benefit from the results today.

At work, at home, at school -- how people evaluate you can depend on your handwriting. For instance, many high-stakes exams (such as the SAT examination, city-wide/state-wide educational achievement and competency tests, and other standardized tests) now include or soon will include handwritten essay sections. (The SAT exam, widely taken by college-bound high-school students in the USA, adds a handwritten essay section beginning in March of 2005. Students will have 25 minutes to write two pages on an assigned topic. Graders will have two minutes to read and score each essay, working from scans of each student's handwriting. The Educational Testing Service, which creates and administers the SAT, will then make these scanned handwritten essays available to college admissions officers for use as part of their decision-making on student applications.)

From another side of college life comes further evidence of the power of the pen. According to this DALLAS MORNING NEWS story, savvy college coaches recruiting for football teams have found that the old-fashioned handwritten note gets much more attention than form letters - even from high schoolers. Says reporter Tim McMahon, "Handwritten notes are signs of respect to recruits, proof that college coaches consider them worth spending a few minutes with pen in hand."

Less creditably, "a few minutes with pen in hand" paid off undeservedly well for one student at a Washington, DC high school when college application time came around. Reports NEWSWEEK, senior-year students who worried about their uncertain handwriting skills each paid $5 to this sure-handed classmate to write their names and addresses on college application forms: a sad reflection on the morals of that skillful student scribe -- and an equally sad commentary on an educational system that has let numbers of students head for college without learning, somewhere along the line, to write a few lines competently by hand.)

If "keyboard in hand" gives you less trouble than "pen in hand" at present ... CLICK HERE for Handwriting Repair (tm) sessions on eBay!


The problem with  conventional cursive handwriting of the Palmer Method and similar style has been considered overly difficult to  learn even in the 1950s. See the article "Curse, You Palmer!"  by Jackson W. Granholm in the April 1954 American Mercury

"Handwriting is civilization's casual encephalogram."
-- Lance Morrow

"You may not be able to read a doctor's handwriting and prescription, but you'll notice his bills are neatly typewritten."
-- Earl Wilson

" ... behold, the false pen of the scribes hath written falsely."
The Bible , Jeremiah 8:8

"I have terrible handwriting. I now say it is a learning disability ... but a nun who was a very troubled woman hit me over the fingers with a ruler because my handwriting was so bad."
-- attributed variously to Andrew Greeley and Akhmed Zakayev

"Somehow I started introducing handwriting into my drawings, and after a time, the language took over and I started getting very involved with the handwriting and then the look of the handwriting."
-- Patti Smith

"I once did hold it, as our statists do,
A baseness to write fair, and labour'd much
How to forget that learning, but, sir, now
It did me yeoman's service."
 --William Shakespeare, HAMLET, Act 5, Scene 2

>"Here is a golden Rule. ... Write legibly. The average temper of the human race would be perceptibly sweetened, if everybody obeyed this Rule!"
-- Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) in “Eight or Nine Wise Words About Letter-Writing” reprinted in The Letters of Lewis Carroll: , vol. II, ed. Morton N. Cohen, Oxford University Press (1979).

"I do not know whence I got the notion that good handwriting was not a necessary part of education, but I retained it until I went to England. When later, especially in South Africa, I saw the beautiful handwriting of lawyers and young men born and educated in South Africa, I was ashamed of myself and repented of my neglect. I saw that bad handwriting should be regarded as a sign of an imperfect education." -- Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhi An Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments With Truth

" ...But the effort that cost her [Eliza Dolittle] the deepest humiliation was a request to Higgins, whose pet artistic fancy, next to Milton's verse, was caligraphy[sic], and who himself wrote a most beautiful Italian hand, that he would teach her to write. He declared that she was congenitally incapable of forming a single letter worthy of the least of Milton's words; but she persisted; and again he suddenly threw himself into the task of teaching her with a combination of stormy intensity, concentrated patience, and occasional bursts of interesting disquisition on the beauty and nobility, the august mission and destiny, of human handwriting. Eliza ended by acquiring an extremely uncommercial script which was a positive extension of her personal beauty ... "
-- George Bernard Shaw in his Afterword to PYGMALION ("Sequel: What Happened Afterwards")

"When Fred went to the office the next morning, there was a test to be gone through which he was not prepared for.
Now Fred," said Caleb, "you will have some desk-work. ... . How are you at writing and arithmetic?"
Fred felt an awkward movement of the heart; he had not thought of desk-work; but he was in a resolute mood, and not going to shrink. "I'm not afraid of arithmetic, Mr. Garth: it always came easily to me. I think you know my writing."
"Let us see," said Caleb, taking up a pen, examining it carefully and handing it, well dipped, to Fred with a sheet of ruled paper. "Copy me a line or two of that valuation, with the figures at the end."
At that time the opinion existed that it was beneath a gentleman to write legibly, or with a hand in the least suitable to a clerk. Fred wrote the lines demanded in a hand as gentlemanly as that of any viscount or bishop of the day: the vowels were all alike and the consonants only distinguishable as turning up or down, the strokes had a blotted solidity and the letters disdained to keep the line-- in short, it was a manuscript of that venerable kind easy to interpret when you know beforehand what the writer means.
As Caleb looked on, his visage showed a growing depression, but when Fred handed him the paper he gave something like a snarl, and rapped the paper passionately with the back of his hand. Bad work like this dispelled all Caleb's mildness.
"The deuce!" he exclaimed, snarlingly. "To think that this is a country where a man's education may cost hundreds and hundreds, and it turns you out this!" Then in a more pathetic tone, pushing up his spectacles and looking at the unfortunate scribe, "The Lord have mercy on us, Fred, I can't put up with this!"
"What can I do, Mr. Garth?" said Fred, whose spirits had sunk very low, not only at the estimate of his handwriting, but at the vision of himself as liable to be ranked with office clerks.
 "Do? Why, you must learn to form your letters and keep the line. What's the use of writing at all if nobody can understand it?" asked Caleb, energetically, quite preoccupied with the bad quality of the work. "Is there so little business in the world that you must be sending puzzles over the country? But that's the way people are brought up. I should lose no end of time with the letters some people send me, if Susan did not make them out for me. It's disgusting." Here Caleb tossed the paper from him.
... "I am very sorry," were all the words that [Fred] could muster. But Mr. Garth was already relenting. "We must make the best of it, Fred," he began, with a return to his usual quiet tone. "Every man can learn to write. I taught myself. Go at it with a will, and sit up at night if the day-time isn't enough. ... "

> -- George Eliot, MIDDLEMARCH

“Let every young man and woman be warned by my example, and understand that good handwriting is a necessary part of education.”
> -- Mahatma Gandhi, The Story Of My Experiments In Truth


Some of my Favorite Handwriting Programs

Getty-Dubay Italic

Barchowsky Fluent Handwriting

Morrells Handwriting

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Here is a link showing how  a persons handwriting changed since kindergarten.


Katherine Wang, mother of two left-handed sons, from London, UK and Henan, China praise Kate Gladstone's Lefties Links for Southpaw Scribes as one of the few places the 10% that is left can get good handwriting advice, - how  to form letters well left-handed. She also appreciated that Kate Gladstone taught herself to write left-handed and ability to step into neurodiverse shoes.

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UPCOMING EVENTS: In the fall of 2020 a  new book about handwriting (the first in a series) by Kate Gladstone will be published by National Autism Resources .

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