Lifetime Winners

Triple Crown:
Lifetime Winners
of the World Handwriting Contest

The following World Handwriting Contest participants have become Triple Crown Lifetime Winners by winning prizes in three years of World Handwriting Contest competition. To keep the field open for new winners, Triple Crown Lifetime Winners do not continue competing in the World Handwriting Contest. To honor their triple achievement, the World Handwriting Contest records on this page, in perpetuity, the names and Triple Crown victory statistics of all Triple Crown Lifetime Winners .

listed alphabetically by surname:

Kelly Anderson -
2006: First Prize, Pre-Teen Cursive
2007: Second Prize, Pre-Teen Cursive
2008: Second Prize, Pre-Teen Cursive.

Ashok Batra -
2004: First Prize, Adult Manuscript
2005: First Prize, Adult Manuscript
2006: First Prize, Adult Artistic

Laxmn Nago Bawankule -
2022: First Prize, Adult Artistic
2021: First Prize, Adult Artistic
2019: First Prize, Adult Artistic and World Pen Champion

Mei Lin Chen  -
2015: First Prize, Adult Manuscript
2012: First Prize, Teen Manuscript
2013: Second Prize, Teen Artistic

Matthew Coffin -
2015: First Prize, Adult Cursive
2017: First Prize, Adult Cursive
2018: First Prize, Adult Cursive

Kristin Dea -
2012: Second Prize, PreTeen Manuscript
2011: First Prize, Children's Manuscript
2010: First Prize, Children's Manuscript

Maryjane Grotting -
2013: First Prize, Senior Cursive
2008: Second Prize, Senior Cursive
2007: Second Prize, Senior Cursive

Gladys Guy -
2010: First Prize, Senior Cursived
2009: Second Prize, Senior Cursive
2006: Second Prize, Senior Cursive

Laura Lind-
2012: Second Prize, Adult Manuscript
2009: Second Prize, Adult Manuscript
2006: Second Prize, Adult Manuscript

Aditya Kashyap-
2021: First Prize, Preteen Artistic
2020: First Prize, Preteen Artistic
2019: First Prize, Preteen Artistic

Narendramoorthi Madanagopal  -
2022: First Prize, Teen Artistic
2021: Second Prize, Teen Artistic
2018: Second Prize, Teen Cursive

Thiruvengadam Madanagopal  -
2011: First Prize, Adult Artistic and World Champ-PEN
2010: Second Prize, Adult Artistic
2009: First Prize, Adult Artistic

Nishtha Malik  -
2015: Second Prize, Teen Artistic 
2013: Second Prize, Teen Artistic
2012: First Prize, Teen Artistic

Vy Nguyen-
2021: First Prize, Teen Print
2020: First Prize, Teen Cursive
2019:  First Prize, Teen Cursive

Norman Nieman-
2011: First Prize, Senior Cursive
2009: First Prize, Senior Cursive
2006:  First Prize, Senior Cursive

Amy Katherine Thérèse Powers -
2004: First Prize, Teen Cursive
2005: First Prize, Teen Cursive
2006: First Prize, Teen Cursive

David Michael Price -
2011: Second Prize, Adult Artistic
2010: First Prize, Adult Artistic and World Champ-PEN
2008: First Prize, Adult Artistic and World Champ-PEN

John Harry Robinson -
2022: First Prize, Senior Artistic
2021: First Prize, Senior Cursive  
2020: Second Prize, Senior Artistic 

Kristina Smith -
2004: First Prize, Children's Cursive
2005: Second Prize, Children's Cursive
2006: Second Prize, Children's Cursive

Rosalia F Soriitano-
2015: First Prize, Senior Cursive
2016: First Prize, Senior Cursive
2017:  First Prize, Senior Cursive

Gopala Rao Sreekanta-
2022: Second Prize, Senior Artistic
2020: First Prize, Senior Artistic
2019:  First Prize, Senior Cursive

Ann Alaia Woods -
2005: First Prize, Senior Cursive
2006: First Prize, Senior Artistic
2007: First Prize, Senior Artistic

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